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Entry #1

Big Song Update;0

2008-10-16 07:49:09 by DJ-OverLord

Hello Every1.

I've posted a few of my songs;)

I've seen some useful comments, which I'm really gonna use;)

So that's what this post goes about:

In a While I'll post new versions of The Tracks I Submitted..



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2008-10-16 14:21:43

I listened to all your tracks.
Well... let me say it like this. To start off, welcome to NG.
It is a very nice place to learn some new things and meet
people with the same hobbies like you.
Then, I dont know what kinda game you are talking about,
but I couldnt find anything on google under Wartribes, sadly.
It made me kinda curious.
You can find me more then frequently in the audio section and forums and just because of that I just liked to share a few things from my point of view.
The quality of your music is decent, but for the standards for gaming these days you should at least bring the quality of your sounds to a higher level.
Mastering, other vst's with a heavier volume in your sound if you really want to make things proffesional.
Check around on the forum, the audio portal, listen to other people their stuff and you will see that there is plenty of knowledge floating around.

Keep up the creativity.